• Part1は身の回りのことに関する質疑応答(3つのトピック)
  • Part2は特定のトピックに関するスピーチ(1〜2分)
  • Part3はPart2のトピックに対して4〜6の質問




IELTSテスト経験者が作成した IELTSスピーキングPart1の想定問題集をご紹介します。項目は31項目に分かれています。



11. Gifts

Do you always give gifts to others?
When do you give gifts?
Is it easy to choose gifts?
What kinds of gifts do you usually choose?
Do you have a favorite gift?
Do you like to send expensive gifts?
What kind of gifts are popular in your country?
Why do people send gifts?

12. Celebrity

Who is your favorite celebrity in your country?
Do you like any foreign celebrities?
Would you want to be a celebrity in the future?
Do you think we should protect famous people’s privacy?
How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?

13. Hobbies

Do you have any hobbies?
When did you first start XXX?
Where do you practice or play now?
Will you still play in 10 years time, do you think?
Are there any hobbies you would like to have in the future?
Do you think hobbies should be relaxing or should they be exciting? Why?

14. Photographs

Do you like to take photographs? Why?/Why not?
How often do you take photographs?
Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people to take photos? Why?
Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?
How do you keep your photos?

15. Fashion

Are you interested in fashion?
Do you think fashion is important?
How often do you go shopping for new clothes?
What are some things you like/dislike about shopping for clothes?

16. Shopping

Where do you prefer to go shopping?
Do you enjoy shopping?
How often do you go shopping?
How often do you buy things for other people?
What sort of things do you like to buy?
What type of shopping do you like? Why?
Do you prefer to go shopping alone or with other people? Why?
Why do you think so many people enjoy shopping?
What types of shops do teenagers like best in your country?

17. Food

What is you favorite food?
What kind of food do you like to eat?
How often do you eat it?
Can you make it yourself?
Can you cook?
Do you enjoy cooking? Why?/Why not?
What are some of the typical foods in your country?
Are there any regional specialities in your country you would recommend to visitors?

18. Eating out

Is fast food popular in Japan?
Why is it (not) popular?
Do you have a favorite restaurant?
What kind of restaurants do you like to eat out at?
What kind of people go to the restaurant?

19. Computer

What do you use computers for?
Will computers change much in the future? How?

20. Travelling

When was the last time you went on holiday?
Where did you go?
What kinds of things did you do there?
How easy is it travel in your country?
What form of transport is the most popular? Why?
Are there any parts of your country that are difficult to travel to? Why?/Why not?

IELTSのスピーキング Part1の想定問題集(2)をご紹介しました。 IELTSの実際のスピーキングテストの前に一読しておくだけでも、頭の中にイメージができます。次回は「 IELTSスピーキングPart1(3)」になります!