1. Background (Career)
  2. Yourself
  3. Behavioral
  4. Goal Statement
  5. Others
  6. Any questions?

1. Background(Career)

Walk me through your resumeに代表される、キャリアについての質問です。時系列でいうと、誕生から高校まで、大学(Academic)、社会人(Professional)の3つに細分化できます。

2. Yourself


3. Behavioral


○○○には、<リーダーシップ or ダイバーシティ or チームワーク> × <成功 or 失敗> × <×仕事 or 仕事以外>、というように、各要素を掛け算したものが入ります(3×2×2種類)。

4. Goal statement

Why MBA?に代表される、あなたのキャリアゴールについての質問です。Why MBA? Why Spain? Why this school? Why now?という質問が聞かれますが、自分のキャリアゴールと現状のGAPを埋めるためになぜMBA(なぜ○○スクール)というところまで明確に落とし込む必要があります。

5. Others


6. Any question?



1. Background (Career)


Walk me through your resume.
Tell me about yourself.
Present your background.
Introduce yourself.
Discuss your career progression.
Describe your important decisions for each carrier event after college graduation.
Tell me about your family.
How would you describe the environment in which you grew up?
What were the greatest influences in shaping your character?
Tell me about your childhood years.
Tell me about your high school years.
Do your university grades reflect your ability?
What were the greatest benefits of your college education?
What leadership roles did you play at your university?
How did your college education prepare you for your career?
Why did you decide to major in 専攻?
If you could go back in time, would you chose a different major?
What role did you play in your seminar?
What did you learn from ○○ experience?
What courses did you enjoy the most? The least? Why?
Did you have any part-time jobs while a student?
How would you describe yourself in college? 
Who had the greatest influence on you at your university?
Why did you choose your current industry?
Why did you choose your current job?
What attracted you to join your company?
Did you consider other companies or careers?
Describe the industry you work in and your organization.
Describe the changes you would like to make in your organization.
What are the problems or challenges facing your organization?
If you become CEO of your company, what you will do?
What improvement steps would you like to take in the management of your company? How will you contribute to solve these challenges? What approaches need to be tried? What results would you anticipate? Why?
In which ways will you contribute to your company’s success?
Tell me about your career in your current company.
Tell me about your job in your current department.
Tell me about your job.
Describe your typical work day.
What is your position? Do you supervise some employees? How many?
What are your key responsibilities?
Which aspects of your job do you like the best? The least?
Among the positions you have held, which did you like the most? the least?
What would you do if competitor can lower the price with same level product to your company?
If you could change your career, what profession would you choose?

2. Yourself以降